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Sarasota OCC Training: Field Installable Fiber Optic Connector

Join OCC and Silmar Electronics, Inc. for a session on how to install some of the easiest field installable fiber optic connectors in the market today. You’ll get instructor-led training and hands-on time with products that will have you walking away saying “I need some of those on my next job site”

The OCC Xpress Ultra LC & SC and Xpress ST Fiber Connectors are pre-polished, pre-assembled connectors compatible with industry standard LC, SC and ST Connectors.

• Installation of Connectors on 250μm, 900μm, 2mm, and 3mm Fiber Cables
• Installation Kits
• Cleaning Kits
• Fiber Preparation
• Installation Verification
• Techniques
• The Importance of Cleaning
• Cleaning Recommendations
• Testing

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When : Jan 18th 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Cost : Free
Contact : John McLane 941.343.04.13