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Silmar allows you to take advantage of a variety of services targeted to your success. You will have continuous training and tools to facilitate your projects, access to a broad product portfolio with competitive pricing, quality technical support pre and post sales, and incomparable warranty management.

Our inventory of state of the art products and complete project solutions is unmatched. Combined with our knowledgeable and experienced team, this enables us to deliver the highest level of service possible for our customers.

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Financing for dealers

Step 1: Apply For a Credit Account with Silmar

If you are an established customer with an existing Silmar credit account, skip to Step 2.

If you are applying for an in-house credit account with Silmar Electronics for the first time, or if you are re-applying for credit with Silmar, start here. Download our credit application packet, which includes the terms and personal guaranty forms. Simply print out the forms, then fill them out and have them notarized. When complete, scan all documents and upload them to our online portal.

Alternatively, you can email your completed paperwork to marketing@silmarelectronics.com or fax it to 305-728-8715.

Silmar Electronics will then review your paperwork and let you know if you have been approved for credit.


Step 2: Open a Job Account

Once the credit application has been approved, new and established customers alike must complete and sign our job account request form for each new job. Additionally, we request that you submit a copy of the job contract between you and your customer, as well as a copy of the Notice of Commencement. Our submission portal can be reached here.

We will contact your company to notify you of the outcome or to obtain additional information (if needed). Payment terms for job accounts are Net 45 days from the invoice date.